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Work Plan


WP 1 - Algal and aquatic biomass state of the art
Objectives : preparation of surveys collecting the state of the art on Algae and other aquatic biomass activities in EU and outside EU. The surveys produced will be subdivided in thematic chapters (each chapter identified as a deliverable and provided to the Commission), each one covering a specific aspact of Algae and aquatic biomass activities.

  • Task 1.1 : Questionnaire preparation and distribution
  • Task 1.2 : Major stakeholders and main R&D activities
  • Task 1.3 : Status quo of major algae-to-biofuels R&D pathways
  • Task 1.4 : Taxonomy
  • Task 1.5 : Biology of algae and other aquatic biomass
  • Task 1.6 : Biotechnology
  • Task 1.7 : Criteria for strain selection
  • Task 1.8 : Biofuels production processes from micro, macro-algae and aquatic biomass
  • Task 1.9: Mapping of available natural resources in artificial, marine and freshwater bodies


WP 2 – Roundtable organisation
Objectives: A round table among major stakeholders will be organised at the end of the 9th month of the project. The round table will be organized on the basis of a call for papers inviting major stakeholders to prepare an abstract, a full paper, and .ppt presentation on their specific expertise and views on the needs and future impact of Algae and aquatic biomass on renewable biofuels. The objective of the roundtable will be to promote critical thinking and reasoning on actual state of the art of research, development, and industrial initiatives in EU and outside with particular reference to technological and non barriers, economical, environmental and social implications of algae biofuels.

  • Task 2.1 : Call for papers
  • Task 2.2 : Round table logistic and management
  • Task 2.3 : Proceedings production


WP 3 – Overall economic, environmental and societal sustainability
Objectives : On the basis of the round table results and taking into account the surveys provided in WP 1, this WP will elaborate the sustainability assessment studies (economic, environmental and social).
Assessments will include comparison with fossil fuels and other biofuels from terrestrial biomass.

  • Task 3.1 : Research needs
  • Task 3.2 : Technological assessment - Major bottlenecks 
  • Task 3.3 : Downstream by products - Value added algae biofuel byproducts

  • Task 3.4 : Life cycle assessment
  • Task 3.5 : Impacts on developing countries – food security – social and labor implications

  • Task 3.6: Environmental, assessment
  • Task 3.7: Economic assessment
  • Task 3.8: Overall sustainability assessment
  • Task 3.9: Recommendations for decision makers


WP 4 – Coordinating research
Objectives : This WP will be dedicated to promote synergies among projects related to AquaFUELs. Barter Agreements (exchanging services without the use of money) will be signed with other consortia (at least 20 expected). Papers aiming at exchanging high quality communication will be prepared and shared. Invitation to attend some of AquaFUELs meetings and any other necessary mean to strengthen the synergies will be implemented.

  • Task 4.1 : Creation of a network and joint communication platform of European flagship projects
  • Task 4.2 : Barter Agreements preparation and signing
  • Task 4.3 : Exchanging services
  • Task 4.4 : Synergic meetings


WP 5 – Dissemination and exploitation of project results
Objectives : All actions necessary to raise awareness about the project and its objectives and results will be taken.
Dissemination of results is one of the major reason d’etre of AquaFUELs, the dissemination policy will be structured accordingly; major objectives are:

  • Raising awareness at society level
  • Consensus building at industrial and policy level
  • Scientific dissemination

Finally a EU Scientific and Industrial Association on algae and other aquatic biomass will be created, opened to all stakeholders interested to join and contribute, starting from a core group represented by project partners. The general objective of this EU Association will be to promote mutual interchange and cooperation in the field of algal biomass production and use. It will aim at creating, developing and maintaining solidarity and links between its Members and at defending their interests at European and international level. Its main target will be to act as a catalyst for fostering synergies among scientists, industrialists and decision makers in order to promote the development of research, technology and industrial capacities in the field of algae.

  • Task 5.1 :  - Public awareness of the project and internal dissemination
  • Task 5.2 : – External dissemination
  • Task 5.3 : – Establishment of the European Association on Algae
  • Task 5.4 : – Final conference


WP 6 – Consortium Management
Objectives : The last WP is mainly dedicated to the co-ordination and management of the project. Consolidation of the project planning, work control, progress reports, milestone reports, cost statements and budgetary overviews using input from project partners.

  • Task 6.1 : Management helpdesk
  • Task 6.2 : Day to day management and project communication
  • Task 6.3 : Financial and contractual management of the consortium
  • Task 6.4 : Quality assessment




This project is being funded by the EU Commission within the VII Framework Programme for Research and Development